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2024 ThreeBestRated® Award-Winner Nauss Homes Leads The Industry In Custom Luxury Homes And Renovations

Nauss Homes wins ThreeBestRated® award

Nauss Homes wins ThreeBestRated® award

MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA, April 17, 2024 / -- Nauss Homes, a Moncton, New Brunswick-based builder of custom homes and renovations has been declared as 2024’s top home builder by ThreeBestRated®, through its rigorous 50-Point Inspection. The firm has been excited as it feels this award is a recognition for setting the standard for luxury and energy-efficient construction since its inception.

Evolution Towards Excellence

Nauss Homes are renowned for their ability to seamlessly blend luxury with energy efficiency. Since its establishment in 2007, they have evolved from focusing on small interior and exterior renovations to delivering larger renovations and home additions, and they now specialize in new energy-efficient custom luxury homes. For instance, they are currently building their second-ever home-to-passive house standard- which is the most rigorous voluntary energy-based standard in the design and construction industry today.

Over the years, although Nauss Homes’ service offerings have evolved, their commitment to quality and excellent customer satisfaction has remained the same. From the beginning, company founder and owner Richie Nauss says they have always taken the utmost pride in providing “quality work” and a “personalized and responsive experience.”

“We are a team of experienced and skilled craftsmen dedicated to providing exceptional quality and attention to detail, while building, regardless of the scope of the project,” Richie says.

When Richie first founded Nauss Homes, he was a one-man band focusing on small renovations and other odd jobs. As the years progressed, he was able to add team members who shared his values and together they started taking on larger contracts. These days, the company focuses on significant renovations and additions and new custom homes, and they try to incorporate energy efficiency into those projects as much as possible.

A Focus on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building

In addition to being a smart business, Richie is also personally very passionate about energy efficiency and sustainable building. Most of Nauss Homes’ work takes place in their home base of Moncton – but for passive homes, Richie is willing to venture all over the Maritimes, which speaks to his enthusiasm and commitment. “I feel like that’s where the industry is headed,” Richie explains.

“The codes are going to keep evolving. Insulation is going to become more and more important. I think building passive is going to become more and more popular. I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve,” he added.

That passion, Richie believes, is one of the main reasons clients ultimately choose to work with Nauss Homes. When prospective clients contact him, he believes his passion is evident right from their initial conversations – and those conversations are with him as the owner, and he believes that personal connection also means a lot.

Customer Satisfaction Is a Top Priority

Understanding that building a home is a significant investment, Nauss Homes works closely with their clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life. They take pride in their work and have built a reputation for building close relationships with their clients and providing them with high-quality homes.

“We are not that large of a company so when you call Nauss Homes, you will be speaking directly with me, the owner,” he explains. “You don’t get my secretary or my assistant. You get me. And once we’re working together, I encourage clients to reach out whenever they have a question. Communication is very important to me.”

Commitment To Quality

Quality is also very important to Richie. He believes that is one more thing that clients respond to, and credits that quality to the caliber and commitment of his team.
He states, “Those who work with me share my passion for homes.”

They’re not just workers putting in a shift for the day, but they truly care about what they are building.”

“We have been collaborating with the same guys for years now and we handle as many tasks as we can in-house, as well as under one roof.”

At Nauss Homes, the same guys who frame the home are the guys putting the flooring down and doing the trimming. So the quality and care are consistent throughout. They are not just subbing everything out and always have the same guys on site who take pride in their work.
Even when it comes to the subcontractors, Nauss Homes’ consistency still remains the same.

Because almost all of those relationships are long-standing – they have been working with most of their subcontractors for at least a decade, Richie explains. Just like himself and his direct team, he says those subcontractors also take a lot of pride in their work, and that’s why Nauss Homes has been so loyal and why they pay as well as they do.

Commitment To Cleanliness

The collective pride of Nauss Homes is reflected in the company’s Google reviews, which are overwhelmingly positive. In addition to praising the company’s quality, those Google reviews also often praise Richie and his team for their conduct and comportment on site.

A lot of reviews commend them for keeping a clean site. To which, Richie comments, “That cleanliness is credit to all of us.”

He further comments, “It’s a credit to every individual who is employed by Nauss Homes and works with us. We all care about keeping the site clean. We’re all OCD about it, almost. We can’t work with big piles of mess all around. We all enjoy having a clean site. And we’ve always been that way; it’s not something I have to harp on the guys about. When I get to the site, it’s usually cleaned up. Very seldom do I have to say anything or go around and clean up myself. It is just the way we are, which often resonates with the clients.”

Additionally, Nauss Homes eliminate dumpsters on their sites, which also contributes to their cleanliness. Rather than installing “one big ugly bin on-site” that would require frequent filling, Richie takes the garbage off-site every day personally using his own truck and dump trailer.

Reliability Is Restored

One more common theme in Nauss Homes’ reviews is praise for the company’s reliability and responsiveness. Richie is particularly proud of that kind of feedback because it’s such a point of emphasis for him and his team.

“We take pride in doing what we say we’re going to do,” he says. “We show up on time, we stick around, we don’t just start jobs and leave. We answer the phone when it rings. Those are common complaints that clients often have about contractors, but we try to eliminate those complaints. We prepare as best we can, we communicate as best we can, and we try to be as efficient as possible.”

“I think if clients can tell you’re trying your best, they are very forgiving when mistakes happen, and mistakes will happen,” he adds. “We’re all human. But when they do, I’m honest with my clients. Even when I have bad news, I give it to them straight up. If there’s a problem, we don’t dance around it – communicate it with the client right away, and then we try to come up with a solution to get past it.”

In The Path Of Proving Their Capabilities

As previously mentioned, Nauss Homes is currently constructing their second-ever passive home. That home was designed by Passive Design Solutions, one of Canada’s most experienced passive house design firms, who happen to be based only 260 kilometers away in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They recommended Nauss Homes to one of their clients after doing some research on the company and talking to Richie.

“That’s been a lengthy project but a very rewarding project,” Richie says. “The clients so far are happy and the build is going really well.”

That project is one of the largest and most expensive homes Nauss Homes has done to date – which is exciting because those are the caliber of projects Richie and his team hope to do more of moving forward.

“This is the kind of work we want to be doing,” Richie explains. “This is what we’re shooting for. We want to keep raising the bar. We want to be building multi-million dollar homes. Those aren’t super common around here, but there are people up here building them, and we want to work with those people. That’s our goal. Those are the projects where we can really show what we’re capable of.”

In their quest to do bigger projects, however, Richie says they don’t want to veer away from doing single-family homes. He says the temptation for a lot of companies like theirs is to get into multi-unit projects. He says “maybe someday” Nauss Homes will consider that, but for now they want to stay focused on building “custom quality homes.”

“We want to work with clients who appreciate quality, and we want to give those clients a quality experience,” Richie says.

Last Words

Lastly, Richie projects that Nauss Homes will continue to grow alongside the scale of their projects, but he says the company will never grow to the point of compromising their personal service.

“We never want to grow to the point where we lose what sets us apart,” he concludes. “I personally want to be able to attend each site each day and speak to each client each day. If we ever grow to the point where I feel I can’t do that, then that’s probably as far as we’re going to go. Right now I feel like I can double what we’re doing now and still be able to provide that service, but I think that’s probably where we’ll draw the line.”

For more on Nauss Homes, their approach, past projects, and award recognition – and to get in touch with Richie and his team – visit

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